Statute Park Film Fest
IFF Trencianske Teplice 2017

Park Film Fest Trencianske Teplice

is building upon the spa town’s tradition while also connecting it to the young, progressive and active view of modern filmmaking. We appreciate authentic films and their power to influence the society. We let the stories to be told by women, students, non-traditional formats but most of all we want to encourage discussions about cinematography. Because it’s summer, you’ll be able to enjoy our festival as much outdoor (the newly reconstructed Zaba swimming pool, the lovely park…), as indoors in the cinemas and other interesting venues.

Competition: Through her eyes

This is an international competitive section of movies created by female-only directors. The only one on the Slovak festival circuit. During film selection, we focused on inspirational and pioneering productions that definitely don’t meet your general expectations. The movies will floor you with their invention, poetry, brutal humor and boldness. Whether you fancy a horror that became an instant sensation at Cannes or rather a sensitive drama with elements of surrealistic tale, we’ve got you covered. Selected movies will be presented by the creators or their Muses themselves. Get ready for the estrogen storm.

Competition Great Expectations

Most of us are not even aware of the jewels that were created by now-famous filmmakers during their time in film schools. And isn’t it a shame? Lack of resources and experience can result in something that is new, spunky and fresh. And definitely worth supporting.

The nominations for films in this competitive section came from national representatives of the European Film Promotion. EEP is an international network of organisations that promote european cinematography worldwide.

Brasil Visual

The Brasil Visual Section will carry you to the exotic country where people still experience the same joys and worries as the most of us. The five movies you’ll be able to see represent the contemporary personas of this flourishing cinematography and will uncover the lives of brazilian families and reveal the country’s secrets and history. These are movies that not only took over the most prestigious festivals but also the hearts of the audience. Looking for more? Get out of the theatre and come to the park. There will be a reading from the work of the founder of brazilian modern literature Machada de Assisi, if you are a book lover. Something more exciting, still? How about a capoeira performance and an exotic food tasting? Sounds good? Cancel your trip to Rio de Janeiro and come to Trencianske Teplice. You won’t be disappointed.

This section is the special fourth annual showcase of brazilian film and is put together in cooperation with the Embassy of Brazil in Bratislava and the Portuguese Institute.

Other Europe: Catalonia

Curated by Javier Garcia Puerto, this section showcases the best of filmmaking from the sun-kissed Catalunia. Did you know that the Catalonians are the most productive filmmakers of Spain? This section will let you appreciate the quality of their art.

We want you to experience the best movies that have been created in this curious part of the world in the past few years. Internationally acclaimed films, winners of multiple awards, films full of sun, love, humor, still full of deep thoughts. Immerse yourself in the stories, drink the dekadent vines, eat the langostas, dance the wild dances and experience the vigorous relationships.

After the movie credits roll, get out your smartphone, turn the camera on, get your Insta and Facebook ready ‘cause you’d be  able to meet and greet selected filmmakers and stars of the movies. If selfies are not enough, perhaps one of those wild dances with your celebrity-crush at Zaba or Kupelna Dvorana will satisfy you till the next day.